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What is translation and why translation matters?

Translation is one of the most ancient activities people have done in history. The first and most translated book of all time was perhaps the Bible, or more precisely the Book of Genesis.

The Bible was translated in more than 2000 languages worldwide!

Without translation, these documents would not have reached the world and probably Catholicism would not have the diffusion it has nowadays.

According to studies conducted by anthropologists, there are more than 6,000 human languages spoken in the world. We do not know how many languages are written. Maybe 600, but nobody can either read, speak or write in all of these languages. Let’s suppose that someone can read two or three languages, even more in certain cases… But most people cannot read or write in so many languages, that’s why translation matters!

Without translation, some of the most ancient, fundamental books and documents of the history would have been lost forever.

But what is translation?

This seems to be rather a banal question… Everyone knows what translation is! By the way, technically speaking, things are much more complicated than we think. 

Translation is a cognitive process i starting from point A to arrive at point B.

Point A is the source language, while point B is the target language.

When we imagine this process, we could imagine an ice cube melting at the beginning and icing another structure at the end. The first ice cube is the source language with all its rules and structures, the second ice cube is the target language with many different rules and structures. All of them are interconnected.


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